Recruitment Open.

We have opened recruitment to those who want to raid with us.
We are open to all classes/races at the moment, but may stop recruitment on some classes soon, as we want to keep the guild small.
We are working on a simple raid schedule that will help us conquer all content in era.
Most of us cannot play any more than a few nights a week anymore, and would not expect you to be able to.

Setver (Jerryy Attric) and Dither (Zenthar/Funbatte) will be leading, and loot is council.

Follow the forum link above to apply.

- dither

Phinigel Autropos down.

Phinigel has met his end at the hands of PT.

- dither

Predatorial-Tendencies is reborn.

Currently on Phinigel, TLP server.

- dither